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Meghan Christine Photography captured some adorable engagement pictures. I love the chalkboard and vibrant colors!

P.S. How cute is the couple!

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S’more Love Please!

Mmmmm, one of my all time favorite treats is s’mores. A couple months ago, my roommates and I wanted s’mores so bad that we tried to make them on the grill! Haha, they didn’t turn out quite liked we had hoped, but they were s’mores none the less.

So when I came across these photos from KHollyStudios I was in love! How fun would this be at a woodsy wedding?

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Real Weddings: Brittany & Matt Part II

More from Brittany and Matt’s wedding!

Did anything funny or unexpected thing happen? We definitely had some unexpected moments during our wedding. My parents had heard of a wedding planner who specialized in all-inclusive beach weddings. They had a personal reference who had a wonderful experience with him, so we thought he would be great for us, too. Unfortunately that was not the case! The wedding was on Sunday, and we arrived in Malibu on Friday afternoon. I was not able to get ahold of the wedding planner until Sunday at 11 AM…our wedding was supposed to be at 5 PM! So that was very stressful, and it made everyone really nervous. He even ended up being late to our wedding, which didn’t go very well with me, and he kept asking me “why I was so upset?” Anyway, once he finally showed up, everything went smoothly and perfectly.

Favorite detail of weddingMy favorite detail of my wedding was the sunset. It was absolutely beautiful, and right after we said our vows, the sun was setting, and there were a couple of dolphins jumping around in the water. It was really neat! We couldn’t have asked for better weather or a more gorgeous sunset for our backdrop.

Any advice you would give to other brides?
The only advice I have for future brides is that if your wedding is on the beach, don’t wear a traditional wedding dress! Mine was long with a chapel train, and I was wearing flip flops underneath my dress. My shoes kept kicking sand up into all the layers of my dress, and the sand was really weighing my dress down!

I loved your beach wedding Brittany.  Thanks for sharing your special day!!!

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Real Weddings: Briana & Matt Part I

It’s Real Weddings Friday!

My friend Briana and I met at Grand Canyon University about 5 years ago.  She looked like a princess and I’m really excited to share her wedding with you all!

Briana and Matt got married at North Ridge Church in Cave Creek, AZ. The Photo King was there to capture their day!  Now on to the good stuff. 🙂

Where did you two meet? Matt and I met through my friend, Scott Savage at Grand Canyon University. He tried to get us to hang out and we both felt it was awkward. So Scott sat next to me at Applebees after SALT, but when the band arrived he suddenly “had to move” and motioned for Matt to sit there. I was frustrated at first, but we talked and had a GREAT time. He didn’t ask for my number after I left and I was so bummed. The next week Jess and I got snowed in (in March on SPRING BREAK!) in Overrguard,AZ we called Scott and he called Matt to come get us. Matt drove 3 hours, dug out us and our car, and drove us safely all the way home. What a selfless stud!!

How did he propose? The proposal was fabulous! We had been talking about getting married since August, fast forward to February. I was so past waiting for it that I had just about shut down. Haha. Jessica’s grandma called me and asked what weekends I could go to San Diego on a surprise trip with Jess. She said we’d worked so hard and she was so proud of us, so she wanted to send us away for a nice relaxing weekend. I was so excited! A weekend with my best! After the first night and day we had gone shopping, been relaxing and soaking up sun. We came back late one evening ready to make dinner. When I opened the back gate Matt was standing there with a dozen roses! I couldn’t believe it! The moment I saw him I got goosebumps and KNEW this was it! He took me down to the beach and read me some awesome scripture. We prayed and cried and he told me the most wonderful words in the universe. He then pulled out a GORGEOUS ring and asked me to be his wife! Then he and his best friend cooked us dinner, we went out for desert, and spent the weekend having fun in San Diego (turns out the WHOLE trip was all him! Jess’ grandma was just in on it to confuse me!).

Any advice you would give to other brides? My best piece of advice for brides is to prepare yourself and plan for your marriage to your best friend more than for the wedding. The wedding is one beautiful night, but your marriage is a wonderful partnership that lasts forever.

Don’t forget to check back for Part II!

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Real Weddings: Briana and Matt Part II

More from Briana and Matt’s wedding!

Did anything funny or unexpected thing happen? Nothing out of the ordinary happened. Our wedding actually went so smoothly and perfectly! I could not believe it!

What was your first dance song? The song during our first dance was Brad Paisley “That’s When You Find Yourself”. It’s not a well-known song, but it plays at the end of the movie “Cars”. We heard this song when we were first dating and knew it was ours from then on. We LOVE country music 🙂

Favorite detail of weddingMy favorite detail about our wedding was our cake! I drew out the design for it myself and our friend Denis made it all himself. It was the most delicious, perfect, beautiful cake ever! I also LOVED that the boys wore hats for the reception. Matt and my dad are always in hats and felt so much more relaxed being able to wear them.

What was your most memorable moment? Our most memorable moment was when our perfect son Landon was born. The moment we heard him cry we instantly had tears in our eyes. And the moment we first saw him, our whole lives changed. He is the biggest blessing and the best things that’s ever happened to us!

Thanks for sharing Briana! It looked like such a great wedding.  And… little Landon is the cutest. 🙂

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Love is BEEautiful!

The other day I saw this wedding posted on Style Me Pretty. I love it! So many cute details.

Kirstie Tweed of Orange Girl Photographs

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I know it has been a while. :]  Thanks for sticking with me!

What do you all think about colored socks for the groom or groomsmen?  I think they’re kinda cute. Stripes or argyle seem to work the best.

Green Wedding Shoes

Wedding Bee

Wedding Obsession

Amanda Bevington

Marie Labbancz

Just for fun, I thought this was cute. ^

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One of my favoirte things about weddings…

Are the speeches.  Best Man, Maid of Honor, Father of the Bride, and friends & family.  They are always so special and touching, full of emotions and love.

Shade Tree Films created this wedding video of Kaitlin & Travis, I teared up when I heard the Father of the Bride Speech.

Kaitlin+Travis=Awesome Sauce from Shade Tree Films on Vimeo.

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‘Dance like no one is watching. Sing like no one is listening…

Todd Pellowe

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Summertime is here and that means… it’s time to have a BBQ!  This commercial made my day!  Have a great weekend everyone!

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