Real Weddings: Stephanie & Jon Part I

It’s Real Weddings Friday!

Stephanie and Jon got married at Chino Valley Community Church, which is their home church in Chino Hills, CA. Their reception was at McCoy’s Equestrian Center in Chino Hills, CA.  They even had Jon’s mother as their wedding planner and Vis Photography was there to capture the big day.

Where did you two meet? I moved to California in May of 2008 and the very first time I went to church I decided to try the young adults group called “The Bridge.”  I went with my friend from college (Kristin) who had moved to California the year before. Jon was in the group and I actually don’t remember seeing Jon in the class that Sunday morning, but after church I was talking to Kristin and her boyfriend Jason in the parking lot, they had both attended “The Bridge” for a while. As we were talking Jon approached us and introduced himself to me. I didn’t really think much of it at the time.

A few weeks later I decided to help out with Kids Sports Camp at our church. It just so happened that Jon was helping out as well. That same week I decided to try out the College group. It just so happened that Jon went to college with the College pastor. So, Jon was also at College group that same week. I thought the whole time that it was a coincidence that I kept running into Jon. Little did I know that Jon, the College pastor (Luke), and the Junior High pastor (Nathan, who also went to college with Jon) were trying to set us up the entire time.

I guess it worked because Jon and I were both asked to join the College group leadership team where we developed a close friendship which turned into something more upon spending lots of time together both at church and on “dates” or “friendship excursions” as I liked to call them, before officially dating in the spring of 2009. We knew soon after we started dating that it was going to be something life lasting. We still serve in the College Ministry with our pastor Luke and his wife. All of the students were at our wedding to celebrate with us.

How did he propose? Jon proposed on Mother’s Day, May 10th. He had gone up to Atascadero California to see his parents for the weekend. We were planning to have dinner at his house when he got back into town on Sunday evening. When I got to his house, there was a big bouquet of white roses on the kitchen table with candles and real plates and silverware, which I didn’t think he owned. 🙂 I was a little late on my Mother’s Day cards and was frantically writing them when I got to his house. We seemed kind of fidgety and nervous, but I didn’t in my wildest dreams think it was because he was planning to propose. As I wrote my cards, he kept asking if I was ready to eat dinner. I kept saying “just one more minute, I’m almost done.” So, when we finally sat down at the table, Jon stood up and said “are you ready for dessert?” I was so confused, I love dessert, but I hadn’t even seen what we were having for dinner. After many questions and Jon continuing to ask “are you ready for dessert, I finally gave up and said yes, okay, I’m ready for dessert.” Then he said, “Close your eyes.” I didn’t dare object because there was something so weird going on that I just went along with it. When he told me to open my eyes, he was down on one knee with a silver platter and a black box with a ring inside. I instantly stood up and said “Are you proposing? Are you really proposing? He said, “Yes, if you’ll sit down and let me talk.” I sat down and I don’t remember anything he said to me except, “I love you, will you marry me.” I instantly said “yes, of course.”

Any advice you would give to other brides? The only advice I can give is to enjoy this incredibly special day, but enjoy your marriage and so much more! You get to spend everyday with your very best friend and that is so much more important than your wedding day, but I will say your wedding day is a beautiful and very fun start to a beautiful life with your husband. 🙂

Don’t forget to check back for Part II!

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