Real Weddings: Alyson & Mike Part II

More from Alyson and Mike’s wedding!

Did anything funny or unexpected thing happen? Well, it wasn’t very funny but it was definitely unexpected. Literally 10 minutes before the ceremony was suppose to start, my wedding coordinator walks into the brides room and tells me that my CD full of all of the songs that were for when Mike, the girls and I walked down the aisle, was not working on their sound system! I started to freak out, but then 10 minutes later she came back to tell me our DJ had just arrived and he was going to set up outside first to be able to play our music and then set up inside! My wedding started a little late because of it all, but it was so worth it to have all the music I had worked hard at deciding on!

What was your first dance song? We danced to “Life Ain’t Always Beautiful” by Gary Allan. Its our song, and if you listen to the lyrics and know our story of being a long distance couple for 4 years, then it really makes sense. We couldn’t think of a better song for us.

Favorite detail of weddingHmm that is really hard, I have alot of favorite details! My programs and my favors were probably two of my favorite details I made. They both took hours and hours of time, but they turned out very personal and very special, which is what I was going for. My programs had our verse on the front, “I have found the one my soul loves..” Song of Solomon 3:4..and our wedding favors were CDs with “Love never sounded so sweet” and pictures of us labeled on the front, with songs from our wedding day and songs that we thought of as “our songs”. They were just really fun and different.

Any advice you would give to other brides? I would tell them to NOT stress about the little things…you will drive yourself crazy! I was constantly worrying about all of the little details I had planned and picked out for that day, and on that very day you are thinking about nothing of the sort because you are just on cloud 9. Don’t let the little things get you down while you’re planning the biggest day of your life, let it be a fun experience, cause you’ll only do it once!

Thanks for sharing Alyson! You did a fantastic job on the details and your dress was beautiful!

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