Real Weddings: Lacey & Steve Part II

More from Lacey & Steve’s wedding!

Did anything funny or unexpected thing happen? When we were taking pictures before the wedding we were by this sweet brick wall and it was near where they kept the golf carts at the country club and the workers had the song “I’m gonna sex you up” blasting while we were taking our pictures. It was hilarious and perfect.

What was your first dance song? “Making Memories of Us” by Keith Urban.  Funny story.. we went to a church and the pastor was talking about how his favorite dates with his wife before they were married was the car wash b/c it was at least 3 minutes of uninterrupted make-out time. So after church, we went to the car wash.  And that song played the whole time. Haha.

Favorite detail of weddingOh geez, so many! But the room where we had our reception had 3 huge lighted picture frames. We blew up a picture of the 2 of us and put it in the middle one and then had pictures of roses on the side two. It made the whole room personalized and I loved it being the background to the wedding party table.

Any advice you would give to other brides? Hmmm….be a teacher so you can have the summer off to plan your wedding?? Haha.  But seriously, enjoy the day. Just trust people that things will get done with your vision and then just enjoy the day. My wedding was a blast. I wish I could do it over and over again and everything turned out perfectly.

Thanks for sharing Lacey! The wedding looked like a ton of fun and a great celebration.  And of course you looked fabulous!

Click here to see the slide show of the whole day!

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