Prints and Posters

I can’t believe my roommates got another snow day!  Friday they had a half day, Monday work was canceled, and then today! Woo hoo for them! 🙂  We’re supposed to get even more snow tonight on top of all the other stuff which hasn’t melted.  One of my roommates went to Safeway and there was NO milk, eggs, and hardly any bananas. Crazy huh??

Anyways, when I was back home in Phoenix, I was contemplating redecorating my bedroom and was thinking about black and yellow.  Today I came across MadeByGirl, Jennifer Ramos, creates prints and posters that are adorable.  I absolutely love these two:

Stay warm if you are in D.C.! 🙂

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  1. Aletha Perona

    Thanks for sharing. I will be looking for more from your blog soon.

    Love, from Phoenix
    PS Are those the colors you want for your room?

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