It is FREEZING Here!

Yay! I made it to Arlington, VA.  So far I have bought groceries and furniture, been to Target twice, Starbucks, and an Irish Pub.  Everything is very different from HI and AZ for sure.  The drivers are not too friendly, but I’ll get used to it. Tomorrow we are having a dinner party so I can meet  some friends of my roommates.  I am still trying to find a job and will press hard on Monday, cross your fingers! 🙂

My latest find for a venue for either a ceremony and/or reception is Blackstone Country Club in AZ.  The family I babysit for belongs to the country club and it is absolutely gorgeous!  There are two lawn areas and they both have amazing views.  There weren’t too many pictures on their website but if you go to their Facebook page there are plenty more. 🙂 One of my good friends is getting married here in April and I believe it will be fabulous!

Lastly before I head off to bed… tonight I was asked why I love weddings so much.  I tried to answer in a million words but have now narrowed it down. I love weddings because it’s someones fairytale coming true, whether it be a small or huge wedding, simple or extravagant it’s their dream and a new future beginning.

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