Washington D.C.

I’m getting excited for my new adventure coming up!  I just bought my one way ticket to D.C. and leave the 27th!  So, of course I have been researching wedding photographers, wedding coordinators, venues and much more.  I’m really excited about this website which has TONS of useful information about planning a wedding in the D.C. area.  You can check it out here. Make sure you click on the “Bridal Party Blog” link and read the Always a Bridesmaid.  Katie Bunker writes about her adventures of being a bridesmaid and give advice also!

I also came across Egomedia Photography and fell in love with their photos! I feel they capture all the emotion that went on at each wedding they have on their site.  If you know of any other must see photographers in the D.C. area let me know!

Have a great 3 day weekend!!!

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  1. DC will be glad to have you. Also check out Andrea from The Observatory and Thomas Graves – both are amazing photos! 🙂

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