Why Did I Start a Blog?

I should have started a blog years ago…

One of my dreams in life is to become a wedding/event planner, therefore I love to read wedding and photography blogs. I get so inspired and excited and  what usually happens is I end up sending all of the ideas and photos that I think are great to my friends via email.  I know they really don’t care to get several emails a day about weddings or new photographers that I think are great but they don’t complain (most of the time).  So, I figured instead of bombarding them with emails I’d just start a blog and post everything that I would be sending them here.

Hopefully there is someone out there who I will inspire just like I have been.

Picture taken by J.Underwood

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One response to “Why Did I Start a Blog?

  1. I started a blog for the same reason and absolutely became addicted. I’m a socal girl living in dc planning my wedding to take place in CA. It’s been so much fun and i think you will love it. When you come to dc, there are so many awesome vendors. I’ve met many in person … so if i can be of any help. i’d love to! 🙂 Travel safely!

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